Hillshire Farm

Adam Hamway voiced a couple of the lil’ smokies in this Hillshire Farm commercial.

Buffalo Wild Wings Radio Commercials

  Adam voiced these national radio spots for Buffalo Wild Wings.             Boneless Thursdays 60

NOKIA Astound

Adam Hamway voiced this Nokia Astound commercial.

Wendys TV Commercials

Adam Hamway was the voice of Wendy’s national TV and radio commercials during their, “You Know When It’s Real” campaign launch.

Wendy’s Radio Commercials

Here are some of Adam Hamway’s national radio commercials from when Adam was the spokesperson/announcer for Wendy’s, “You Know When It’s Real” campaign launch.   Wendy’s: Epic 60 Wendy’s: Any Burger 60 Wendy’s: F-F-F-Fresh 30 Wendy’s: Fourteenork BLT Salad 60 Wendy’s: GPS 60 Wendy’s: Ish 30 Wendy’s: Launch Radio 60 Wendy’s: Most Sensitive Nose 60 […]


Adam Hamway voiced this radio commercial for Aerotek. It aired during sporting events.        

Dunkin Donuts

Adam Hamway voiced the male party goer in this radio commercial for Dunkin’ Donuts.        

CBS Sports

Adam Hamway was the voice of ┬áthe studio announcer at the start of the weekly animated feature “Outisde The Huddle” with Thurston Long on CBS Sports.

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