Impression and Character Reel 1

Impressions: Sheldon Cooper (Big Bang Theory) Alan Rickman Leon Redbone Characters: Chadford Mevy (Truck Driver looking for love) Carlos Bondeja Pal Kippstowski (One Direction member nobody talks about)

Impression and Character Reel 2

Impressions: Jimmy Fallon Bill Cosby Rush Limbaugh Snoop Dogg John O’Hurley Brad Garrett Ray Ramano Jesse Ventura Macho Man Rocky Charlie Sheen Characters: Senor Guacamole (Superhero) Reed Cunningham (Water Musician) Auctioneer Chipotle Employee Tahini Shoofinicki (Arabic Belly Dancer)

SNL Submission

Adam Hamway submitted this reel to SNL which led to a live audition. Impressions: Rush Limbaugh Pillsbury Doughboy Jay Z Hank Hill Cleveland Elmo Sylvester Stallone Al Gore George W. Bush Bill Clinton Characters: Fredrico (Interior Decorator) Speak N Spell Officer Gerthy (Security Guard) Chet Williams (Local Reporter)

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